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Cashmere is sourced from the down goat – also called the Kashmir goat, which originates from the high plateaus of Asia. The downs are extremely warm to protect the goat from the cold mountain temperatures. Today significant supplier countries are China, Mongolia and Tibet. Very little is supplied from the Kashmir province of India, from where the goat has its name.

The specialty animal hair fibers are collected during molting seasons when the goat naturally shed its hairs. In China and Mongolia the down is removed by hand with a coarse comb. One goat produces up to one pound of fibers. 

The fibers are spun from the fine, soft undercoat or underlayer of the goat’s hair. Cashmere wool is characterized by its very strong, light, soft fibers, which makes it so appropriate for all climates.

The Muccia Cashmere is designed in Copenhagen and produced by our suppliers in China.

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